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Tina’s vodka label is inspired by the beauty of this 

incredibly sophisticated and creative Planet Earth 

that knows how to sustain life in infinite ways.  


Bubo, the owl of the Greek Goddess Athena,

sits atop Planet Earth representing

the wisdom and majesty of this beautiful 

pale blue dot that we call home.  


The tree shaped as Planet Earth - Planet Earth shaped as a tree 

representing the seeds that innately know how to grow

into a plant from the Earth: the thought and the thing, 

the idea and the manifestation, 

the root and the offspring, 

and the Alpha and Omega, 

and the journey in between Α Ω


We only use organic corn that was grown in organic soil 

from the USA's midwestern farmers - no pesticides and 

no genetically modified seeds.

A portion of sales will be donated to

to further help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture 

that naturally draws CO2 back into the soil by farming in 

cooperation with Planet Earth's remarkable intelligence. 


Enjoy our delicious vodka and as always, drink responsibly.

Or better said by my one of my Greek ancestors, the poet Hesiod: 

"Observe due measure; moderation is best in all things."